Gold Leaf Driver Training offers professional tuition to customers at all levels:
L -Test: At this early stage it is crucial to get the right Driving School and Instructor for you. I am patient, reliable, friendly, understanding and professional. My car is fitted with He-Man dual controls, for your safety and peace of mind, and I am a fully insured member of the DIA (Driving Instructors Association).
Semi-intensive courses: Instead of taking 1 or 2 lessons per week, you'll take between 4-10 hours of driving tuition each week. This way you will reach test standard in a much shorter space of time than the average learner, but without the potentially damaging and dangerous pressure of an Intensive (1 or 2 week) course. With a Semi-Intensive course you are likely to reach test standard in around 6 to 12 weeks, rather than the 6 to 12 months which it would normally take.
Motorway: Contrary to popular belief, there is much more to motorway driving than meets the eye. Make sure you're really ready to drive on such high-speed, potentially dangerous roads with an extended lesson from me, covering the M3, the M25, and also the M4.
Advanced: Think you're a good driver? Good enough to take the DIAmond Advanced or DIAmond Advanced Special (the hardest advanced test available to the general public) Tests? Go onů..I dare you?! ;-)
Refresher: If you are worried about any element of your driving at all, I can help with advice over the phone or a few lessons to help you feel more confident and safe on our busy roads. It may be that you passed your test some time ago, but have never really driven since? Don't worry, you're not alone. Just give me a call. I'm happy to chat about your concerns, and that may be all you need.
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In business since 1990